Veterans Disability Law

Veterans Disability Benefits Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

The team at Schiffman, Sheridan & Brown, P.C. is here to help any time you are in need of an attorney who can assist with claims regarding veterans disability benefits. Harrisburg, PA is our main area of practice but we proudly serve veterans throughout the region, including in surrounding towns like Carlisle. As a veteran on disability, you are entitled to several benefits, but acquiring them is not always a simple procedure. When you get in touch with us, we will work quickly and carefully to ensure you receive all of the benefits that you deserve. If you have been searching for the right lawyer for this job, you can fully rely on the experience and knowledge of disability attorney Michael Brown.

For almost four decades, Michael Brown has made disability claims and social security laws his primary focus. Not only does he understand these type of claims from their legal standpoint, but has also taken the time to appreciate them from a medical point of view. This is essential for anyone who wants to fully understand the types of benefits veterans are entitled to and what types of benefits are granted depending on specific injuries or disabilities. He has worked to review disability claims for Administrative Law Judges, provided legal representation for state and federal compensation claims, and even given regular lectures about social security, disability claims, and the medical conditions that many of his clients deal with. His experience makes him one of the most reliable choices for anyone who needs help with their disability claim.

You can get in touch with the attorneys at Schiffman, Sheridan & Brown, P.C. the next time you need help obtaining your veterans disability benefits. Harrisburg, PA is home to Michael Brown, an experienced disability attorney who will always place your needs before all else. If you live in Harrisburg or the surrounding areas you can contact us today to learn more!